What is coaching about?

Coaching is fundamentally about facilitating change; change that leads to what you want. Coaching aids movement from a current state to a more desired state. It is a method to take a person from where they are today, to where they want to be.

What is the process?

You and Mary will develop an ongoing partnership. The journey you take together is individually designed to help you produce fulfilling results.

Through the trusting relationship, conversations and by using a variety of assessments, tools, resources and trying new approaches, with your commitment, you will improve your performance, learn and grow, while enhancing the quality of your life.

Mary is trained to listen, to observe, and to customize her approach to your needs. Her job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that you already have.

Coaches believe their clients are naturally creative and resourceful. Mary will ask you open-ended thought-provoking questions as you work together. She works toward eliciting solutions and strategies from you. Through these processes, you gain deep self awareness and recognition of choice, leading you to commitment and action. Mary also assists you in discovering how to bring your choices and actions more in line with what you really want.

What coaching is not!

Coaching is not counseling, mentoring, therapy or consulting. You are the expert in your life and in your work.

Accountability in coaching

You are in control. You are responsible and accountable for outcomes.

The success of your coaching relationship depends upon your willingness, resources and participation. It also depends upon Mary being a good fit for your needs. Both you and Mary assess fit with each other in your first meeting.

What is Mary’s distinct advantage?

Mary has the depth of experience in life and in business to understand and support you with your unique challenges. She is certified, professionally trained, confidential, and unbiased.

Since 2007, Mary has coached people who engaged her services through referrals and also through a variety of leadership development programs.

Along with the many people who are referred to her or privately seek her coaching services on their own, Mary’s corporate client list includes: Sherritt, BDO Canada, 9 Story Entertainment, Johnson Controls, CTV, Rogers Media, Progress Consulting, KWA, Felix Global, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, APPS Transport, Ontario Network of Victim Services Providers, and Ontario Association of Police Services Board.

What do Mary’s clients think?

Mary and I began to work together as part of the HRPA's mentorship program. Mary went well beyond her role as a mentor and was my coach, my cheerleader and a friend. She enabled me to really nail-down my professional and personal priorities, and really helped me realize, appreciate and effectively apply my strengths to achieve greater balance in my professional life. Her coaching and encouragement also enabled me to become a more effective leader in my life and at work. The insights that I have gained from working with her guide me constantly in my professional choices, and I always look forward to working more closely with her in the future.
Kavya Kumar, CHRL, MBA Senior Consultant, Talent Management

Working with Mary has enhanced my life. The way she listens paired with her ability to put things together is truly incredible. Through Mary’s challenges and questions I have learned so much about myself, how I can be perceived, and I have gained a broader perspective of my surroundings. Mary is just great and I would recommend her to anyone.
Joel Goom Operations Supervisor at Johnson Controls

Mary very quickly developed a safe and trusting relationship with me so I could share what was really going on. Definitely her services are valuable and I highly recommend Mary.
Carmen Gheorghe Demand Manager at Thales Canada (Projects Portfolio Manager - PMO)