Career & Leadership Coaching

Mary works with new grads, people in mid-career, and those looking for new challenges.

One common misconception is that people believe it is up to their employer to create a meaningful, fulfilling position for their employees. There is often an expectation that interesting and challenging opportunities will suddenly appear. Although there are a handful of organizations that have career development opportunities, at some point, it becomes clear that this simply isn't the case with most companies. The fact is: you are responsible for managing your own career.

Working with Mary, you will develop the best career plan suited to your individual strengths, talents and interests. You'll find work more rewarding than ever!

Mary has achieved tremendous results in several Leadership Development Coaching programs working with seasoned professionals, new supervisors and high potentials. If you are in a leadership position or if you are interested in moving into a leadership position, coaching can effectively help you further develop to the next level.

Leadership Coaching supports:

  • Learning and development goals
  • Change initiatives
  • Employee morale
  • Retention issues
  • Succession planning
  • Employee relations
  • Transitions
  • Performance improvement
  • Strengthening delegation skills
  • Work/life balance

Retirement Coaching

Retirement means different things to different people. For some it means working a reduced work week, finding fulfilling volunteer work, changing the kind of work they do, taking a year off to reassess, taking on contract work, or other creative next steps beyond their current job.

There’s more to retirement preparation than financial planning. Some people look forward to retiring and others are reluctant to even consider it. Retirement is one of the most significant changes you will ever make. It’s a change requiring careful thought and planning, to avoid pitfalls and to ensure a smooth transition for you and all involved in your life.

Mary will coach you on:

  • The non-financial aspects of retirement
  • What matters most
  • What makes retirement fulfilling
  • How to explore all meaningful areas
  • How to build your vision
  • How to develop your individual plan to get there